Parson Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

About the Practitioner

Jessica (Jessie) Parson

I graduated from Maiden Therapy School of Massage and Body Work March 28th, 2015. I have since obtained my massage and bodywork license through North Carolina #14747. I have also become a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, from Equissage. I have come to love massage therapy and all the many benefits that it has to offer the human body as well as the equine athlete.

 My philosphy has always been "Quality over Quantity" I want my clients to never feel rushed but instead feel at home and relaxed no matter the situation.

I have loved specializing in therapeutic massage, by helping people who live with a daily discomfort and get some relief by my help through massage therapy. I wanted to do equine massage therapy because of owning my own equine athletes, and wanting only the best to keep them healthy and happy.

My favorite sport is barrel racing, I have rode horses since I was 3 years old. Barrel racing is a huge part of my family.